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“These canvasses are destined to be internationally celebrated.”

Nicole Laffont, Art critic, Nice Matin, France.


“If in the future Meyer Uranovsky wishes to settle in France, a place should be reserved for him in the firmament of those artists who have made up the glory of France.”

Clairette Duda, Musee des Beaux-Arts, France.


“I am deeply moved by Uranovsky’s “Amandla”. It is an extremely powerful Image. I am haunted by it as I am by Brahms’ Requiem. The image evokes the terrors and horrors of this life…..”

Thomas M. Sleeper, Composer and Conductor, Florida Music Educators Association, USA


“It was immediately evident that Uranovsky is a figurative painter of a high order. He deals archetypically with the human condition, principally through the vehicle of the head study (portrait) or the figure. He is an artist whose work effects a subtle kind of compulsion on the viewer, and which richly justifies more than one encounter.”

Gordon Radowsky, Art critic, The Weekly Mail, South Africa.

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